Vishal Soni · March 6, 2024

Instructor: Sergio Delgado

Language: English

Date: 6/14/24

Time: 9:30am

Location: CONGRESO DE LATINOS UNIDOS, INC, 216 West Somerset Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133

Class Description

This course offers a basic framework for understanding the entrepreneurial process and exposes students to challenges, problems, and issues faced by entrepreneurs who start new ventures within a salon setting. 

Students will learn what a hair salon owner does; how to develop your skills to succeed in a hair salon career; how to start your own hair salon; how to acquire supplies and equipment; and how to market and sell your hair salon services.

Intended Audience 

Current and potential salon owners

Class Material

Provided by the Instructor 

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to: 

  • Develop personal and professional entrepreneurial skills 
  • Articulate a concept for a business venture 
  • Recognize the importance of a business plan
  • Learn the functions of operating a salon 

About the Instructor

Sergio Delgado graduated from a Paul Mitchell school in 2007 and is the Owner and Artistic Director of Salon Masaya in Kensington.

Sergio started his career working with Paul Mitchell National Educators in his first salon where they assembled an apprenticeship program to help in his technical growth. He travels to teach salons and schools new haircutting collections, trends, and product knowledge as well as providing training through hair industry conventions and advanced workshops – with a style he calls a combination of classic, urban, and grunge.

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Class Includes

  • 4 Lessons

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