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March 1, 2024

Class Description

This course provides a comprehensive overview of naturalization and citizenship. The course includes practical guidance on the legal standards and requirements for naturalization, preparing forms and what to expect at the naturalization interview.  Students will assess instructional videos, downloadable quick-reference documents, exercises for hands-on practice, fact patterns, quizzes, discussion forums, and written articles. 

Intended Audience 

Persons applying for citizenship/naturalization.

Class Material

Study Guide provided by the instructor 

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to: 

  • Prepare to file for naturalization
  • Review Eligibility and Filing the Application  
  • Prepare for the interview and appeal if denied 

About the Instructor

Awilda Suero has been a social worker for the Public Defender’s office for 25 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and is working towards a Master’s degree in Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Awilda is currently teaching classes focused on preparing individuals to take the Naturalization test. The classes are taught in Spanish. The course is an in-depth overview and guide on the requirements and eligibility to becoming a U.S. Citizen.  




Norris Square Senior Center, Catholic Housing and Community Services, 2121 N. Howard Street, Philadelphia, Pa.19122


Thursday, 2:30-3:30pm

Class Content

Class DateClass TopicAssignments for Assessment
Becoming a U.S CitizenProcess  Residency RequirementAge RequirementCharacter requirement   
5/16/246-8pmU.S. Citizenship Requirements  WorksheetNaturalization eligibility worksheetCitizenship rights and responsibility 
5/23/246-8pmThe application for Naturalization Form (Form N-400)WorksheetWhat is form N-400Document Checklist worksheetProcessing Time EligibilitySupporting Documents  Fees 
5/30/246-8pmUnderstanding the Citizenship Interview Process
WorksheetNaturalization Interview and Test – Episode 1Naturalization Interview and Test – Episode 2Understanding basic commands during the Citizenship interview
6/6/246-8pmCitizenship interview questionsWorksheetWhat to ExpectNaturalization TestEnglish TestCivic Test  
6/13/246-8pmCitizen Written test Questions & Answers  Sample Test questionsReview Test questionsTake the practice exam   

About Instructor

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