Leadership in the community

Vishal Soni · May 21, 2024

Instructor: Gilberto Gonzalez

Language: Spanish

Date: June 15, 2024

Time: 11:00 am-12:00 pm

Closing: 12:00 pm onwards which include Certificates and information tables

Location: CONGRESO DE LATINOS UNIDOS, INC, 216 West Somerset Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133

Intended Audience: Adults interested in having an impact in their community

Class description:
This course is designed to inspire, motivate and help you become a leader and activist in your community. By giving you examples of small scale initiatives like cleaning your block to protest against gentrification. We will discuss the history of activism, bring attention to injustices that shape leaders and give birth to activism. You are a leader in your community and we hope to inspire and give you the tools you need to impact your community, neighborhood and city.

Instructor Bio:
Born and raised in Philadelphia, Gilberto is an educator, visual artist and filmmaker. He also speaks and presents at local colleges and universities and is a TedX presenter. His community activism started in the 1970’s in Spring Garden as one of the founders of EL Comite del Pueblo, an organization that helped find new homes for people being displaced due to Gentrification in the Spring Garden area of Philadelphia. His current activism is focused on safe schools, the opioid crisis and bringing much needed resources to Kensington and the city.

Gil has written Articles for the Sunday Sun, Philadelphia Inquirer, Kensington Voice and other news outlets giving voice to his community of Kensington and North Philadelphia. Besides writing, he has traveled the state presenting on topics of poverty, the opioid crisis, and the impact of gentrification. He has also presented for the Commission on Human Relations and the loss of the community of colors in Philadelphia due to mass Gentrification.

Currently, Gil is under a special assignment at Community College of Philadelphia with the goal of increasing Latinx  student enrollment. In two and a half years, Latinx students are less than two points away from becoming the 2nd largest demographic at CCP and CCP, for the first time in its history, has been invited to be a junior Hispanic Serving Institution. He has the dream of making Community College of Philadelphia the largest Hispanic Serving Institution in the state of Pennsylvania.

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