Vishal Soni · March 14, 2024

Language: English

Location: CONGRESO DE LATINOS UNIDOS, INC, 216 West Somerset Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133

Dates: Saturday, June 15 2024

Time(1st Half): 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Break: 10:30 am onwards which includes Certificates, Information tables, and food

Time(2nd Half): 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Closing: 12:00 pm onwards which include Certificates and information tables

Class Description

“From Stories to Savings” is a workshop aimed at the Spanish-speaking community that combines writing, reading, theater, financial planning, and cartoon drawings. Its main objective is to convey a clear message about the importance of financial literacy and the habit of saving to both children and their parents. A children’s story about a grandmother and her granddaughter will be developed, where the grandmother will teach the granddaughter the importance of saving. This story will be accompanied by drawings, and at the end of the workshop, each child will be given a book to reinforce the concepts learned.

Our mission is to strengthen and ensure the financial security of the Hispanic community from childhood, offering financial education in a playful and accessible way.

Intended Audience 

Parents and children

Class Material

Children’s Book: “From Stories to Savings” will be provided featuring various activities, including coloring pages, problem-solving exercises following the story, and sections where children can create their own savings goals with drawings.

Activities: In addition to the theatrical representation of the story, children will be engaged in the narrative through interactive and participatory activities. There will be games, interactive questions, and opportunities for children to express their ideas and experiences related to saving.

Learning Outcomes

The objective of the project is to educate, impact, and motivate children and their parents to develop an interest in saving and financial resources, thereby promoting a healthy relationship with money from an early age.

The specific objective is to involve parents in the teaching process by providing them with tools to accompany their children in financial learning and promoting family communication on the subject.

About the Instructor

Maria del Pilar Rodriguez, originally from Cali, Colombia, is a passionate theater enthusiast and community advocate. She completed her education at the Community College of Philadelphia, earning an Associate in Arts degree in Theater with honors, graduating “magna cum laude”. During her time there, Maria excelled in portraying the role of “Circe” in the collaborative theatrical production of “Medea” between CCP and Bryn Mawr College.

Passionate about both theater and her community, Maria has been actively involved in cultural programs within the Latino community. She notably participated in “Mariposas Amarillas”, a tribute to the renowned author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, where she interpreted the only monologue written by him.

In her leisure time, Maria enjoys indulging her creative side by writing poetry. Combining her love for the arts with her commitment to community engagement, Maria continues to make meaningful contributions to both realms.

Currently, Maria works in financial planning with New York Life, where she channels her dedication to empowering and educating the Latino community on matters of finance.

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